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Introducing a New Consumer Driven Approach to Prescription Drugs

Our solution uses best practices in behavioral science to help consumers make more informed decisions about their medications.

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Behavioral Science

Showing consumers how to save is not enough. Our tool allows them to transfer their prescription or consult their prescribing physician.

Evidence Based Savings

Members receive personalized recommendations to reduce prescription drug costs while maintaining quality.

In 2015, amid significant growth (15%), the $364 billion pharmacy industry became the fastest growing healthcare expense in America. Tesser Health's WeRx is an Rx management tool designed to help self insured employers save money on prescription drugs. On average we've saved employers 23% on their annual pharmacy spend.

The Growth Of Pharmacy Spend

Personalized Incentives

With over 1 billion drug prices, and 60,000 pharmacies, the WeRx Enterprise application can analyze a company's claims data to find ways to reduce employee spend on medications. With our unique 8 Ways to Save engine, and pharmacy price comparison tools, we discover savings opportunities for both employees and employers. The WeRx platform then engages employees to inform them of savings options.

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We will analyze it with our 8 ways to save engine

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We do the work for you, so you can continue to focus on your business. We can also seamlessly connect and maximize your existing employer-sponsored programs. Our solution will plug right into any existing solution or employee portal.

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